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Work Injury

Work Injury Chiropractic Care

All working adults are at some risk of experiencing work-related injuries. You can experience an acute back injury from an accident at work, muscle strains from sitting for an extended period in front of the PC or suffer from an extremely soft tissue inflammation condition like carpal tunnel syndrome because of long hours of non-stop typing.

Studies show that:

  • Work injuries related to the musculoskeletal system are the leading cause of work-related disability and health insurance claims
  • The sedentary work environment is more likely to expose workers to musculoskeletal disorders and accounts for nearly 1/3 of lost office productivity
  • Workers that spend hours in front of the computer are at risk of developing stiffness and pain in the lower back
  • Back pain accounts for roughly 264 million lost work days annually
  • Treatments on back pain caused at work cost Americans nearly $50 billion in healthcare—adding in lost income, and decreased work productivity

Regardless, work-related injuries can make your job extraordinarily difficult to perform. If these injuries are not addressed right away, they can lower your wage-earning capacity and quality of life because of the ongoing debilitating pain, discomfort and reduced range of motion. So, it is really important to seek immediate treatment for work injuries.

Now medical treatments like drug use and surgeries aren’t always the best options for work injuries predominantly because they can lengthen your recuperation, interfere with your ability to work, lead to bed rest and missed work days and besides this, if the treatment is not successful, reoccurrence of the pain becomes inevitable. The situation becomes even more stressful when you’re not sure whether you will be able to return to work to file for workers compensation or pay for the treatment yourself.

With so much ambiguity, risk, stress, and cost associated with medical treatments, the best, cost-effective and safe choice is often chiropractic care. As chiropractic care is non-invasive, potentially drug-free and focuses on correcting the underlying cause of pain and injury, patients can return to work sooner and experience long-lasting pain relief.

How Chiropractic Care Treats Work Injuries and Alleviate Pain?

Our experienced chiropractors, Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, TX, will create a customized treatment plan with proven chiropractic adjustment techniques after a thorough evaluation of your musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms with precision. This treatment plan will help target the root-cause of the injury and pain by correcting the musculoskeletal alignment. It will get the joints working normally again and relieve nerve compression much needed to heal muscles fast. And the faster you recover, the faster you can return to work and start earning a steady income. As the method is non-invasive there is no post-operative downtime while the drug-free approach ensures that you resume work with sharp flexes and a clear head.

So, don’t wait for the work injury and pain to aggravate and wreck your health and finances. Call us at (833) TEX-PAIN (839-7246) to schedule for work injury chiropractic care treatment today.